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  • What types of events do you service?
    All kinds! We do weddings, corporate events, collegiate events, birthdays, concerts, and sales expos. You name it we do it!
  • How much does it cost to rent a Photo Booth?
    Like with many things, one size doesn't fit most, although we have come up with many packages one of which will hopefully suit your budget. We also do custom quotes. Check out our packages and pricing by clicking here
  • What is included in the Photo Booth rental package?
    All the packages include different features - because like with most things, events included, one size doesn't typically fit all. What we do include in all our packages is unlimited use of the booth during your rental time. So if your package has prints, then prints are unlimited. We typically print one per person, so for example if there are 5 people in the photo we will print 5 unless you or your guests request less. Check out our packages and pricing by clicking here
  • How much space is required for the Photo Booth?
    In most cases an 8'x8' square space is sufficient. Ceiling hight also matters depending on what backdrop is chosen. Some of our backdrops can be adjustable height but the stretched fabric ones are not however we do have stands that are 7'x7' and 8'x8'. So if you're worried you have a shorter ceiling just let us know and we'll coordinate with the venue to get the proper height for the space. If you want props a table with a table cloth should be provided by you or the venue. If you have a guestbook / photo album a table should be provided by you or the venue.
  • Do you provide an attendant with the Photo Booth?
    YES! All of our rentals come with an attendant. The attendants job is to not only make sure everything runs smooth, for example changing the printer paper the moment it runs out (Printers require this every 400 prints, which will happen sooner then you think with all the fun you'll be having ) but their job is also to help coach the photo participants, directing them where to look, how long to hold their pose, and to make sure everyone gets a chance to use the booth and no one group dominates the use of the booth. Additionally they will try the best they can to keep any props looking orderly. Most importantly their job is to tell everyone how great they look in their photos, and they will look great! :)
  • Can the Photo Booth be customized for my event?
    Absolutely! Custom options are available in many of our packages and these options are as follows - Custom Backdrops Custom or Themed Props Custom Designed Print Layouts Custom Graphic Booth Wraps Custom Interface Screens Custom Messages Custom Landing Pages for Digital Gallery
  • How long does it take to set up and break down the Photo Booth?
    This can depend on the complexity of the event but in most cases the booth can be setup 30-40 minutes and torn down in 15-20 minutes. Although we ask for 1 full hour before and after. Your sales rep will go over this during your booking process and there is a section in your contract that covers this.
  • Do you offer digital copies of the photos?
    Youbetcha we do! We will host a digital online gallery for you indefinitely with all the photos. We do use a high end service that backs up all the photo ,however we do recommend that you download the gallery when given a chance. USB thumb drive can made at the event upon request.
  • How many photos can we take?
    As many as you like of course! Lots of events we do have print layouts with single photos and ones with multiple. We will print as many prints as you like within your rental time. Printers can produce a 4x6 print every 10 seconds so theoretically we can make up to 350 prints in a hour if necessary. A demonstration of this is viewable on our features page -
  • What kind of props do you provide?
    We try to only have to classiest and fun props. We have lots of sets available and it's our goal to have the set relevant to your event. No goofy masks and random hats to wreck your vibe. Since we design and make all our own sign props we have options to change colors to match your theme or wording to compliment your event. So while props are included in all our rental packages, we give the option to have a custom one off or entire prop sets created. We will also costume style props if you'd like to feel free to order anything specific you'd like us to use. We also have bins full of more traditional props, with hats, glasses and masks, available upon request or we'll get you whatever props you like. Just ask!
  • Is there a limit to the number of prints?
    No way! We want you to have the best Photo Booth experience possible and you're not gonna get that by us being stingy with the prints. :)
  • Do you require a deposit, and what is your cancellation policy?
    We do charge an upfront fee to reserve the date. Typically this is for 50% of the total rental fee. This is non-refundable because if we give you a certain date that will limit our availability to other customers, not to mention much of our staff have other jobs might need to request off to be available for you. We do understand that circumstances beyond your control may come up and we try to be reasonable with our clients, and will try to reschedule wherever possible.
  • How far in advance should we book the Photo Booth?
    As far in advance as possible. We have a limited number of booths and staff so we'd hate to be unavailable when you finally go to book. We recommend that once you have your venue secured is when you would want to book us to ensure we can be there for you.
  • Can the Photo Booth be used outdoors?
    Sure Can! We do lots of outdoor events in the warmer months. The caveat with outdoor events is that the booth still requires power. Lucky for you we have battery power generators making putting the Photo Booth almost anywhere possible. The other thing with outdoor events is we have to be mindful of Mother Nature. We require overhead coverage in the off chance of rain as to keep our equipment for getting wet we will also reserve the right to pack up our equipment if the weather is severe enough. If you don't have a tent we can provide one. The final thing to be conscious of with outdoor events is sunlight can prove problematic in photographs so we recommend having any sort of sunrise/sunset behind us so that we can block the light with our special light blocking cover.
  • Do you have insurance?
    We sure do. Copies of the certificate can be provided upon request and we can add names and locations if needed if required.
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