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Elevate Your Event To Unforgettable Heights

We provide the best photo booth experience possible by specializing in high quality event photography. With Sure Shot Photo Booth, we bring the photo studio to you.

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Glam Booth Rentals for Weddings, Proms, Awards Galas, Fundraisers, and Formal Events

For the occasion where elegant simplicity is your aim - A crisp bright white backdrop, perfect lighting and the smooth airbrushed filter finish that makes everyone look sensational.

We have the look you want

With all the advancements in technology we've been able to take Photo Booth photography to another level. High quality dslr photos can be instantly processed to achieve a consistent high end look that you and your guests will cherish forever. People will rave about how amazing they look in their photos and your event will be discussed for years. That being said we have a few potential options you will want to consider.


Adding your mark


After you decide the photo development option you like we can then add your personal touch to the photos. If you have a monogram or something from your event invitation or a company brand you can send that to us to add or we can design one for you. Below are some templates you can choose from - 


Choosing your layout

Every event should have its own special look and feel, which is why we have unlimited layout options. Below we show a variety of popular ways that people like their photos to be laid out on the 4x6 print which will be the final product that will end up in your your hands and be sent to your phone from our Photo Booth. With our standard glam rental package you can select one option. However with our Premium Glam Package you can select up to 4 option that will be available on screen for guests.


Multiple Layout Options

One of the advantages to using our service is we can personalize your start screen giving you and your guests multiple print layout choices. We typically give two to four options as too many choices might overwhelm users. Here's what the screen will look like. 

Start Screen Example.jpg

This feature comes in our Premium Glam Booth Package  

Check out a video demonstration of that here

Glam Props

Wedding-Props-Photo-Booth-Rental-Glam Set.jpg

Glam Booth Prop Sets

How Our Booth Will Look In Your Venue

Fully Transparent Pricing

We've done the research so you don't have to. After nearly 15 years in the event industry we've found a price point that is the absolute best value you'll find. 

Have other questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page

Why our booths are SECOND TO NONE

Our state of the art photo booths are more than just what you typically might think of. We like to describe them as portable photo studios, and our clients would agree. These fully customizable machines have features well beyond what you'd imagine and definitely far beyond what most photo booths offer. Haven't used one of our booths before? Check out our top features here. 

Check out more videos demonstrating our booth's features

Don't get stuck with an average photo booth.....

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