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WCU Nostalgia Night 11.16.2023

Super Ultra Premium Photo Booth Rental Package

This event was hosted by the International Students Activity Council in the Sykes Student Union. Along with a silent disco, students were also hooked up with some free apparel with bucket hats and we're able to get paint on tattoos, and of course get great photos taken.

When they told us about the event they sent us a copy of their flyer -

Grace with SAC said their concept was for a custom Photo Booth backdrop was a Wizards Of Waverley Place / iCarly vibe. Since this wasn't a common it was difficult to track down any stock artwork for the starting point for the backdrop. So we plugged in the info into an AI art generation program to get a sort of base and then used photoshop to make the image personalized to West Chester. We came up with these three designs and sent them over

The school loved this and ended up picking Option 1 for their event. We also used the artwork from their flyer and custom designed them a few layouts for the prints and set them up to display on the booth screen like this -

Here's what the booth looked like with the full sized backdrop -

Check out all the photos from the events Event Album

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