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WCU Ramboree 5.3.2024

Super Ultra Premium Photo Booth Rental Package

This event was hosted by the Student Activities Council at West Chester University. You can check out photos and videos from the whole event here on Instagram - #ramboree

The event had over 2500 attendants in 5 hours which we were able to make quick work of with our photo booth. Since our booth can print a photo every 10 seconds each one of the guests was able to get at least one print from each session. We always try to print a copy for each participant per session.

We did almost 300 separate sessions

Having the event outdoors in Ram Park was no problem for us since we provide our own tent to protect from the weather, sand bags to keep the wind from pushing blowing us over and we even provide our own power with batteries so location is no issue for us -

The school provided us with this logo and the concept of "Carnival on the boardwalk" for the event. Here's the logo with their colors they wanted -

Given the concept for the event and through the use of brand new generative AI we were able to create a few concepts that we were able to tweak in photoshop that matched the color scheme for the event. Here at the options we created and provided -

The school loved option 2 above the others and asked that we personalize and customize it with their school logo, which of course we did -

We also made a couple custom paddle props with the event logo on them, shown here -

It's always a pleasure working with this school. Super fun event! You can check out all the photos by Clicking Here

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